The «Ariousia Chora»

"It is Ariousia Land, with rough landscape and no harbour, of thirty stages, where the best Greek wine is produced"

Strabo, "Geographics"


In the Northwest Chios Island, "Ariousia Chora" is the land between the "Pelinnaion Mountain" and Cape "Melena Akra", at the center of which dominates the mountain of "Amani".

It is unknown when and why the name "Ariousia Chora" was lost, as the travellers who visited the island of Chios refer to the area with this name. Perhaps, the difficult times that the island passed through in Medieval and later years, were the reasons that various regions’ names like this were lost.

Regardless of whether or not its name is preserved, this region was producing wine of excellent quality, especially in the area of ​​ Kourounia village.

«Ariousios», the wine of Chios

«Theopobos mentions that Chios residences were the first who produced the black wine, as they were firs taught by gods Dionysus son, King Oenopion, to plant and cultivate vines in order to transmit their knowledge to other people».

Wine was one of them most precious and famous products of Chios Island through ancient ages. It was god Dionysus in person who, according to the legend, blessed the Island.

According to the Chian historian Theopobos, Oenopion – who was supposed to be god’s son – taught Chians how to produce this black wine.

Roman and Byzantine era

Nectar of the gods was called by the poets; Homeric wine was called by the travelers who visited Chios Island in the modern era. The Romans were taught about Ariousios wine at the same time as the period of light of Greek culture. The Roman banquets were accepted by exempting fine Italian wines. Widespread has been its use in medicine and is referred to as an effective medicine in stomach diseases especially.

The reputation of the wine of Chios Island continued during the Byzantine period, while in recent years travelers who visited the island express their desire to taste and enjoy it as mention into their geographical and travel works.

«Homer’s wine»

The travellers wanted to associate "Ariousios Wine" with Homer, the greatest poet of all time. In Chios Islad, they asked to identify his tomb and thought he should have been born in the area where ​​the famous Antique wine was produced. This was thought had inspired the immortal verses to praise the "glorious men and gods". This was believed to have helped to exalt his genius.

A circle of intellectuals had cultivated the theory of the existence of the "Homer's Wine" or "Homeric Nectar" or "Homer's Vine" as it was called.

Though the opinions of travellers differ in the definition of Homer's birthplace, the birth of the poet in Chios Island was something that hung the Chians’ unimaginably, so when they offered travellers their fine wine they accompanied their offer with the reminder that this was the wine that Homer had tasted in the old days and called it "sparkling black wine".





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