TAriousios 3AUG10 9he area where the winery of the company is located, at the Northwest part of the island, offers you the ability to see the island of Lesbos if you look across the sea on the far horizon. The tall mountain to the east is Pelinneon and the mountain behind the facilites is Amani, which gave its name to the hole N.W. part of the island with the 19 nearby villages.


rainbowIn the wake of the Greek war of independence and into the turn of the 20th century, the surrounding farming communities swelled in population with the village of Volissos serving as a bustling kingpin of the area’s agrarian economy. During the rapid industrialization of the last century and because the toll of both world wars, however, the entire area of Amani now only holds about 700 inhabitants with the majority of people living in Volissos and the nearby villages housing fewer than 25 year-round residents each.

amaniDue to the mountainous landscape, scarce natural resources, and rugged agrarian lifestyle, most people have since moved to the City of Chios, Athens, or other countries in Europe and the Western Hemisphere.

It is our hope that, by reviving the art of wine making in the region, we can help play an important role in the revival of these communities and supplement the area industry of animal farming with tourism and vine cultivation.