100 1848VINEYARD PANAGIA 1: The first vineyards planted by the company, at Amani slopes, at an altitude of 450 meters, with the variety of Chian krasero. The aura of the Aegean Sea during the summer months, plenty of sunshine and high temperature changes between day and night, are the key to excellent results in the maturation and quality of grapes. Vineyard emotionally tied to the achievement of the vision, since the first launched by shareholders themselves, to the shape of new technology for the region (linear planting), with the belief that from here begins the modern history of wine in the region. January 2001. Harvest in early October.


ambeli 1VINEYARD PANAGIA 2: Linear vineyard with red varieties of Chian Krasero and Agiannitiko. The first vineyard planted with the variety Agiannitiko, which was abandoned by the locals and was cultivated only in small privately owned vineyards. Also for the first time was a systematic planting of white Aegean Sea varieties Assyrtiko and Athiri. Altitude 420 m and terrain configured into terraces. Harvest in early October.



the harvestVINEYARD PANAGIA 3: Proprietary vineyards, which were planted under the instructions of the company. Changing attitudes to the natives had already begun. It was planted in March of 2005 with red local varieties, at an altitude of 350 meters. The terrain is configured into terraces. Harvest mid to late September.




VINEYARD KATALYMATIS: Planted at an altitude of 150 meters, above the picturesque monastery of the Evangelistria and overlooking the village of Agiasmata. Planted with Chian krasero variety. Harvest mid-September.

variety chiotiko crasseroVINEYARD AMBELITIS (Keramos): The very name of the site shows that there used to be the location of the vineyards. On the beautiful slopes of the area, surrounded by the villages of Keramos, Halandra, Potamia and Pispilounta, old vines revived by the company, but also by private farmers, in modern linear planting vineyards with local red and white varieties. The 300 meters altitude offers the ideal geological conditions for growth of the vine. Harvest mid-September.



VINEYARD PROTOLATIS: In Volissos, the largest village in Northern Chios, in the “Protolatis” position, where the sun casts its first rays and keeps the whole day, one of the first vineyards of the company was “built”, with the Chian krasero and Agiannitiko varieties, where the low altitude offers early maturation. Harvest in early August.

aeposVINEYARD AEPOS: At the impressive plateau of Aepos, about 5 klm drive from Chios city, the company launches this year (2013) the planting of 20 acres of the variety of Assyrtiko, considered the "locomotive" of Greek grape varieties. The vineyard is designed in contemporary cultivation methods and is expected to yield excellent quality grapes.