Due to the mountainous landscape of the area, the vines are planted on terraces with linear cultivation and are not watered.

The microclimate of "Ariousia Chora" is ideal for the growth of vineyards. The combination of soil (clayey), temperature (high in the day - low in the evening) and humidity (because of the close distance from the sea) favour the growth of plants and protect them from diseases, which very rarely occur on the island.

Manual harvesting of the grapes also allows controlling their quality before being pressed.

The quantities of grapes of the red variety Chiotiko Krasero that are used for the production of the semi-sweet "Glikazon" are spread out under the sunlight for the natural increase of sugars, as traditionally we were doing in our region.

The pressing of the grapes is done by the method of controlled pressure in a pneumatic press at the plant site.

The cryoinjection method (low controlled temperature) is used for the vinification.


The vineyards are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers.

For fertilization chicken manure and grape marc after pressing are used.




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