The Vision

The realization of the vision to revive the cultivation of the vine in Chios Island began in 2001 with the planting of the first vineyards.

The company's wine facilities were inaugurated in August 2009.

The people who envisioned the new history of "Ariousios Oenos" aspire to the production of wines of exceptional quality and timeless value. They want to restore the reputation of Chios wine to the forefront, bringing to life the legend of Ariousia Chora, making its wine known again, not only in Greece but mainly abroad.


Today, the company produces and bottles wines with Protected Geographical Indication, Chios. Of these, about 60% is exported mainly to the U.S.A., and also have in England and Italy (natural wines).

The Winery

The Winery of ARIOUSIOS SA is located over the village of Egrigoros, in the Community district of Kourounia in the northwest part of Chios Island, about 59 km from the city of Chios.

It is built in a privileged position overlooking the Aegean Sea.

It opened for the first time in 2008.

The production today is approximately 150 tons of wine while its capacity is 300 tons.

It is constructed in a modern way of perception, on three levels, including the aging cellar. It has an integrated and modern wine analysis laboratory, as well as all the necessary certifications.




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