From Chios to Berlin, a glass of wine away…

Sublime is an online wine shop and wine importer based in Berlin, Germany.

Winery hours for May

The winery of ARIOUSIOS S.A. in Egrigoros of Chios Island, for the month of May, will be open for visitors every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ONLY BY APPOINTMENT


Smyrliadis  S.A. has been active since 1972 in the field of importing Greek food and drinks into Switzerland, selected with high quality criteria!

«The Greek vineyard is a «Terra Incognita» to most wine lovers.

Interestingly, there is an impressive plethora of ancient indigenous grape varieties…»,

Presentation of natural wines in Italy

In Bologna, Italy, at TripleA's two-day event held on March 12 & 13

Try a … tablespoon of Ariousios in Cyprus

This year we will set a festive table in Cyprus too!

Destination Australia

At Sat Artisan Wines in Australia they believe in wines "from areas with indigenous grape varieties combined with the terroir and the men and women who produce them".

Let's go France!

A new collaboration with the MARKOPOULOS company in Gringy, France has just started and ARIOUSIOS S.A. wines’  are already available in the market there!