ampelonas panagias

The first vineyard planted by the company, on the slopes of Amani. The Aegean breeze during summer months, the great sunshine and the high temperature changes between day and night, are the key elements for excellent results in the ripening and quality of the grapes. Vineyard emotionally tied to the realization of the vision, since the first shareholders began building it themselves believing that from here starts the modern wine history of the area.

Varieties: Red: Chiotiko Krassero and Agiannitis. White: Assyrtiko and Athiri

Planting: January 2001

Harvest: mid-September to early October

Altitude: 350 - 450 meters.

Yield: 800 kg / acre



In the company’s vineyards, spread on terraces on the slopes of Mount Amani around the small settlements of the Chios Island, in the plains of Volissos, but also on the plateau of the mountain Aepos above the city of Chios, the vines grow under the sun and are cooled by the aura of the Aegean Sea.

The most "famous" Greek white variety. Having its roots in the Cyclades, it spread throughout Greece, giving the same dynamic results everywhere but adapted to the microclimate of each region. It gives intensive and nerve wines, with aromas of white fruits. "Ariousia Chora" is a blend with Athiri, while the natural "Assyrtiko" and the "Greek Islands" are single-varietal.

White variety, ideal for cultivation in the dry soils of the islands of the Archipelago. Gives mild and simple wines, with mild acidity and excellent results when blended with Assyrtiko. Oenanthes white” is a 100% Athiri varietal wine.

The treasure of Chios. Indigenous, unique, and rare variety with deep red color, a compact bunch with hard stems. It gives wines with a strong personality and structure, which require the patience of the winemaker until they mature.

"Afstiros" is a blend with Agiannitis. "Glikazon" is sun-dried single-varietal. “Chiotiko” natural is single-varietal, too.

It is another rare red Aegean variety cultivated on the island. It matures near the feast of St. John the Baptist, from where it got its name. It is usually blended with the Chiotiko Krassero, but as a single-variety offered us the excellent "Ariousios Rose".

Red variety grown by a few producers. It has an intense dark color, aromas of herbs and red fruits. Gives "friendly" wines with a mild body and velvety texture. It can also be vinified as a single-variety, while in our case it has been blended with Agiannitis for "Chios Vita".


Due to the mountainous landscape of the area, vines are planted in terraces in linear cultivation and are non-irrigated.

The microclimate of "Ariousia Chora" is ideal for the cultivation of vineyards. The combination of soil (clay), temperature (high during the day - low at night) and humidity (due to the short distance from the sea) favor the growth of plants and protect them from diseases.

The manual collection of grapes also allows the control of their quality before pressing.

The quantities of grapes of Chiotiko Krassero red variety that are used for the production of the semi-sweet "Glikazon", are spread under the sun for the natural increase of sugars, as was traditionally done in our area.

We use controlled pressure for pressing the grapes, while for the vinification the method of cold extraction is applied.

No chemical fertilizers are applied for the cultivation of the vines. Manure from hens and marcs are used for fertilizer.